• Oil Seals are designed mainly to prevent oil leakage from the end of rotating shaft.
  • Oil Seals serve to prevent leakage lubricants, water, chemicals, gas from the gaps in machinery.
  • Oil Seal not only prevent the leakage but also stands as a barrier to entrance of dust, soil & sand from outside air.
  • Oil Seals are essential sealing device can be used in various fields.
  • Viz.- Automobiles, Aircraft, Rails, Farming Machines/Vehicles, Construction Machines, Electrical Equipments.


Engine Oil Seals Kit is nothing but set of Oil Seals Or Oil Seals & Other Misc. Components. Engine Oil Seals kit consists all the seals relating to engine application or part of it, these are made up of high grade of materials & elastomers hence gives high grade & long-lasting performance.

In some application, Kit may also consists of other spares like Spacers, Rope Seals, Finger Lip (Sticks) etc.

Attractive, Safe & Neat packaging ensures genuineness.